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ITC’s course has brought Executive Protection training to a new level. This course, which is seven days long, features an equal amount of pro-active, active and re-active training. This course is held on site at our private 300 plus acre facility in Maryland.

Tom Patire

When you attend ITC’s Ultimate Executive Protection Camp everything is included. Since you will be training at all different times of the day and night, trainees will be required to stay at a designated location and all accommodations, and we do mean all, are including in your course tuition. Things like training gear/wear, nutritious meals, E.P. manuals, hotel accommodations, and unlimited ammunition at the range. Since guns are a necessary evil in this profession we recommend that you bring your own handgun, but if need be will can supply one at no extra charge as long as we know prior to you attending the camp. We only allow 9mm, 40 and 45 calibers to be used at our ranges.


Preparation and planning are the keys to protecting you, your team members and your client. This is where through advance work comes in on all E.P. Details. The daily planning and securing of a principle and/or his family is based on how you secure all aspects of his daily activities and events. One must realize that a properly trained E.P. specialist must be detail oriented, thorough, precise, and most of all, adaptable. Addressing every detail no matter how big or small is the key to protecting your client and growing your reputation as one of the ‘best of the best’ in the protection industry! Advance Work will be covered in the classroom as well as in the field. Tom Patire believes there is no substitution for hands-on training.

During your seven days with the ITC Staff you cover the following topics:
  • Initial Advance Surveys
  • Event Planning
  • Domestic and Foreign Travel
  • Hotel, Residence and Office Preparation
  • Immediate Advance (when time is not on your side)


    This section of the ITC Course is primarily comprised of specialized design methods and techniques that are used by the Protection Agents to provide a safety umbrella to the principal and/or his family members. Having the knowledge of stationary positions and movement formations customized to make your client feel safe and secure in any environment, yet not be too overbearing, is what ITC teaches. All positioning and movements are taught from a pro-active, active and re-active mode in the event a client must be covered and evacuated safely from a hostile situation.

    In order to make it as real as possible ITC trainees will be assigned to mock protective details using different actors and actresses throughout the course thus allowing practicality and unpredictability to play a part in real world training.

    Topics such as:
  • Threat Analysis
  • Readability
  • Protective Formations
  • Cover and Evacuations
  • Command Posts
  • Protective Intelligence and much, much more will be
    cover during you seven day stay at ITC.


  • Tom Patire
    Through precise advance preparation and preplanning, the avoidance of a physical confrontation can be dramatically decreased. However, if the need arises and the situation develops, the Protection Agent must be trained in the latest hands-on techniques that focus on Third Party Entry®. Knowing how and when to apply an escort, control tactic or a secure and maintain technique is a major part of training for any E.P. Agent. Statistics prove that in most use of force situations involving protection agent’s soft-handed force is the first type of physical force that is applied in most situations. CDT techniques encompass the three major factors that you must be conscious of when you use this type of force - Personal Well-Being, Subject Safety and Full Circle Liability.

    CDT was developed by Tom Patire for his protection agents that work under his licensed company - State of the Art Security Agency® - which has been in business since 1989 and is regarded as one of the top international E.P. companies in the world. Since the development of CDT it has become the number one soft-handed system in the world for security personnel of all types.

    CDT is a trademarked and patented compliance method and disarming system used by not only E.P. Agents but also used by law enforcement agencies, branches of the military and different aspects of the private security industry.

    CDT Techniques that will be cover during the seven day course:
  • Third Party Entry®
  • Third Party Removal
  • Secure & Maintain Position Escorts
  • Immediate Weapon Disarms


    In many instances the possession of a licensed firearm by a Protection Agent is not required. However, when a threat is evident and circumstances dictate the need for a firearm, a thoroughly trained professional must be familiar with all types of weaponry. They must also be proficient and safety conscious with weapons, especially with the particular one he is licensed to carry. This section of the course allows the trainee to familiarize himself with the various types of weapons that are available for a licensed Protection Agent. The trainee will be instructed through classroom and practical application on the range firing approximately 2,500 plus rounds in both handgun and shotgun during the seven day course.

    The training will include:
  • Safe Weapon Handling
  • Stationary and Movement Engagement
  • Action Response Drills
  • Protection Detail Weapon Deployment
  • Basic and Advanced Tactical Timing Drills
  • Cover and Concealment Tactics
  • Tactical Shotgun


    It’s a known fact that your client will probably need some sort of low level first aid way before he needs your combative expertise, this part of the course consists of training in the latest methods of immediate first aid. The focus of the training will deal with pre-existing conditions, accidents, mishaps as well as potential life-altering situations.

    This section of the course will include:
  • Medic First Aid
  • Adapted First Aid
  • Making Use of Your Environment
  • Critical Response Methods


    In order to fully protect yourself as well as anyone that employees your protection services an Agent must be briefed on the laws as it pertains to being licensed in the field of Executive Protection. This section will cover the legal “do’s and don’ts” as they pertain to
    the Protection Agent.

    Topics such as:
  • Licensing – How Does It All Work?
  • Working For A Licensed Company
  • Being Hired Under A Corporate Umbrella
  • What Will Happen To Me If….


    The final part of this seven day course is all about how to obtain gainful employment in the elite field of Executive Protection. ITC graduates have gone off to work for such celebrities as Usher, Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Janet Jackson, Janet Reno and Muhammad Ali, just to name a few. They also have been higher to protect highly publicized events like The Grammy Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, MTV Music Awards and The Oscars. Everything thing from how you look to how to sell yourself as an Protection Agent will be covered throughout the course.

    Topics like:
  • Dressing The Part
  • Designing Your Resume and Business Card
  • What Type of Work Best Suits You
  • The Do’s and Don’ts Of An Interview
  • Seeing Yourself Through The Clients Eyes
  • Getting Your Name On Call Lists